15 July 2015

A white start, a lean month and now snow

The snow gods put on a lovely opening weekend

... then let it all slip away with no more significant falls in June.

The lift company have done a good job with snowmaking on Wombats, Main Street, Drovers and Mousetrap. Even so, this has been barely enough for the school holiday crowd.

After some horrible queues early in the week, the lift company decided to open the lifts at 7:30am to spread people out as much as possible -  great initiative.

Quite a few AAC people have foregone Andrew's great brekkies to get out and join the"dawn patrol" with freshly groomed snowmaking, no queues and uncrowded slopes.

The lift company also set up a small terrain park on the edge of Nastar to provide another fun option. 

Now finally the blue skies have given way to cold snow-laden clouds and there is a beautiful layer of white throughout the resort again. Best of all, we are being told that this is just the beginning. 

From janesweather.com for Friday 10 July
The snow has begun, and we will have 10 to 15 cm on the ground by later today, as a trough passes through. But this is just the first little bit – there are huge snowfalls still to come.

Heavy snow is likely from Saturday to Monday, as a strong front passes through and a low sits just to our southeast. All resorts will see at least 50 cm from this, and 75 cm is not out of the question.

The next surge arrives on Tuesday, with another low to affect the area for the rest of the week. This set up doesn’t look as favourable as this weekend, but its still 15 to 30 cm on the way. Then there may be a break next weekend if the next high moves in.

So, this all adds up to 75 TO 120 CENTIMETRES OF SNOW, from today to next Friday. Enjoy.

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