13 July 2015

Peaks Challenge 2016 - get in early

The Peaks Challenge (formerly known as 3 Peaks) is held each year on the March Labour Day weekend. Hundreds of cyclists head off at the crack of dawn to ride the 235km loop from Falls Creek to Tawonga Gap, over Mt Hotham and back up to Falls Creek. It is a hugely popular event and requires all the accommodation the village can provide.

In 2015 the club worked with Falls Creek Central Reservations to enable competitors to become Summer Associates and stay at the lodge for the weekend. It was very successful and we will do the same again. As well as contributing to the development of green season, this event bought a healthy injection of summer revenue to the club.

We expect that all rooms will be booked well before the event. Last year some AAC members were disappointed that they could not get in.

So if you or your friends and family are intending on coming to the lodge for that weekend, BOOK NOW

Special arrangements for Peaks Challenge weekend

  • Bookings are for 3 nights starting Friday 11 March
  • Linen is provided
  • Cost for 3 nights is $264* if you book through the club. Bookings through Central Reservations will attract a higher fee.
  • Bookings for members are open immediately
  • Entries for the actual event openned on 20 July, and accommodation bookings are sure to follow.
  • The games room and TV rooms will not be available - they are reserved for bike storage

* Fee for an existing member is $20 less

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