10 July 2015

Ken Long nominated for life membership of AAC National

Ken Long has been honoured with Life Membership of AAC National. Although the proposal came from Anton, Ken was a founding member of AAC Falls Creek and he and his family have had a long involvement here too.

Congratulations Ken.

The citation, written by Philip Robinson, Chairman of Anton

Proposed Life Membership for
Kenneth Frank Long.
The committee members of Anton Huette endorsed at their meeting on 15/10/13 the proposal to submit this application for Life Membership to The Australian Alpine Club.

Ken's association with AAC began as a founding member of Falls Creek and was part of the committee to construct the lodge in the late sixties. He was later invited to be on the initial committee of Anton to construct a new Lodge at Mt Hotham commencing in 1970 with Lodge opened in 1972.

During his membership at Anton he has held every committee position at some stage, along with the role of Chairman for 10 years. He received from the members on 12/5/1999 Life Membership of Anton Huette. He was further granted a Special Service Award on 17/5/2011 acknowledging his continuous service and dedication of 41 years.

His involvement with AAC as a long term delegate from Anton Huette, during which he served as vice president and other supporting roles.

He holds a unique position of association with all Victorian projects, offering a Booking Service for Falls Ck, Patchacoffle, Dinner Plain, Anton Huette and Old Collegians at various times.

Over the years Ken is acknowledged as one of the most recognised faces of Skiing in Victoria through the contributions made to 2 projects at Falls Creek and Mt Hotham. Along with bookings for members of up to 5 projects, with their requests for ski holidays, as well as AAC reciprocal bookings from all over Australia.

We the members of Anton fully support this proposal for granting of Life Membership to a most worthy member who has contributed extra ordinary years of service, loyalty and dedication to the objectives of The Australian Alpine Club.

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