31 March 2009

resort car parking permits 2009

The Falls Creek website informs that the Minister [Gavin Jennings] is yet to approve the resort car parking rates for 2009, with the Resort Management seeking $31 for daily car parking rates and $248 for season car park permits.

However, the Resort Management is now selling ‘early bird’ season car park permits (before 30 April) at a discounted price of $207, with the added incentive of entering the draw for a pair of K2 Apache Interceptor skis if you buy online. A season car park permit makes good sense if you plan to visit Falls Creek for six days or more during the winter season and it avoids queuing at the resort entry gate when you arrive.

Click here to buy an ‘early bird’ season car park permit.

30 March 2009

membership update

One full membership application was accepted in March, which means that there are now four full memberships and five intermediate or junior memberships in AAC Falls Creek available for the rest of the year. Details of the 2009 membership policy are available here.

26 March 2009

annual general meeting

Date: 26 May 2009
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Royal Brighton Yacht Club

24 March 2009

06 March 2009

snow jobs 2009

Applications are now open for a wide range of positions at Falls Creek for the 2009 winter season. Available positions include lift attendants, snowgroomers and retail assistants. Details here.

A link to the annual hiring clinic for the snowsports school is here.

See also the links to big planet placements and snowworkers.com in the sidebar.

05 March 2009

patience is a virtue

In October 2007, the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Gavin Jennings, requested that the State Services Authority (SSA) undertake a Review of the Alpine Resorts Co-ordinating Council and five Alpine Resorts Management Boards.

Stakeholders were invited to make submissions to the Review by 29 February 2008 and a copy of the Australian Alpine Club submission can be downloaded here.

The final SSA report was presented to the Minister on 30 June 2008. It is understood that some copies of the report were secretly circulated to select groups at the end of 2008, however the Minister has not released the report to key stakeholders or the public.

Update: Alpine Resorts report released (under Parliamentary pressure) after eleven months. Copies downloadable here.

04 March 2009

falls creek resort board chairman

The Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Gavin Jennings, has advised Falls Creek Resort Management of the appointment of Mr Mark Anderson as Chairman of its governing Board. The vacancy was advertised in early 2008, following the resignation of the former Board Chairman, Ms Judy Ward, in October 2007. The appointment is effective from 2 February 2009 and will continue until the current Board’s term expires on 28 April 2010.

Falls Creek Resort Management was provided with the following summary of Mr Anderson’s background:

Mark Anderson is the Chief Executive Officer at Doutta Galla Aged Services Ltd, an aged care provider caring for over 600 elderly Victorians. He is the current chair of the Audit Committee for the Victorian Auditor General’s Office, a Board member of the Melbourne Comedy Festival and an Audit Committee member of the Building Commission Victoria.

Mark has extensive experience in dealing with both elected and appointed boards. Prior to his appointment at Doutta Galla, Mark worked as the Director of Finance at Melbourne City Council for 10 years and he has also worked at the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Mark has had extensive experience working on large projects such as the purchase and planning of the Queen Victoria Hospital site, the development of the financial plans for Federation Square and the City of Melbourne Council House (CH2 building), and was a member of the finance committees for both the Docklands Authority and the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Mark is a Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow Certified Practising Accountant.