19 April 2016

ANZAC Weekend - Mountain Bike 2 for 1

If you've been meaning to come and try the mountain bike trails, there's a special deal this weekend that might appeal.

It's the last mountain bike shuttle service until November. Normally shuttles are $50 per day or $90 for the weekend, but for Saturday and Sunday there is a 2 for 1 deal. Either 2 people for the price of 1 or 2 days for the price of one.

The shuttles go from Slalom carpark up to the top of the summit and run from 9am till 4pm.

There is also a beginner skills course available on the Saturday. Bike hire is available both days, from Slalom carpark or Fruehauf

Bookings are needed for shuttles, clinics and hire

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01 April 2016

Easter 2016

After the success of the mountain bike weekend in January, all the participants returned to do it all again at Easter - and brought more friends along for a fun long weekend. Another long time member Clive B brought his extended family along too. Between these 2 groups we had a full lodge for Easter.

Clive's family were seen walking, riding and generally having a good time.

Our group of about 20 had many riders, but also a few who were more interested in walking or just relaxing and enjoying good food and good company. Mark R with wife Helen, daughter Kristo and friends Michelle, Dale and Brian arrived on Thursday so they could get some riding in on Friday. The rest came in in dribs and drabs on Friday, with many finding time for a stroll or short ride. Angie’s & John’s 14 month old granddaughter Holly charmed everyone with beautiful eyes and very sweet behaviour.

Mark R & daughter Kristo

On Saturday morning some rode the MTB trails, others opted for easier terrain and walkers enjoyed perfect weather. Garry H was surprised to find that a riding companion had kindly slipped several heavy rocks into his backpack to intensify his training. We all regrouped at the boat ramp for a picnic before splitting up for more riding, walking and scenic drives. The boat ramp area was abuzz with yachting, cyclists, picnics and people just enjoying our "beach".
Beautiful day for a ride around Sun Valley and beyond

The summit chair was running on Saturday and Sunday, for sightseeing and bike carrying. Garry H decided to use the chair to really work on those challenging trails around Summit and International on Sunday. Others split up much as they had the previous day, with drives, walking,  riding on roads, single track and fire trails. There were a few thrills and spills but no broken bones or stitches. Once again we met for lunch, this time for a huge barbecue at Raspberry Hill. Afterwards most headed back to the lodge or trails. Angie F, Bron S and Jenny H decided to ride back from Langfords West along the aqueduct trail so that they could properly admire Angie's beautiful bike and start plotting how to acquire something similar.

We had decided to share the food and cooking duties. Putting together meals for our big group was a bit of an undertaking, but it worked very well with everyone helping at times, and relaxing at others. We certainly ate well. Special thanks to Michelle and Mark R who oversaw most of the catering.

The village was pretty busy with families, runners, walkers and of course riders. Many places were open for lunches, dinners or drinks. The mountain bike trails are certainly helping to build green season visitor numbers, but the growing vibrancy is attracting non-riders too.

If you haven't visited the lodge in summer, get a group of friends together and give it a try