27 June 2013

Lockers - Are you a member without one?

The club recently purchased some new lockers to meet demand from members who have previously requested one, and from new members.

The committee would like to gauge the demand for more lockers, with a view to providing more in future. If you are a member and do not have a locker but would like one, please contact Justin, the lodge supervisor

Please note
  • in no circumstances will a member be allocated more than 1 locker
  • in no circumstances will non-members be allocated a locker
  • there is an annual charge for lockers (currently suspended for those who purchased lockers originally)

25 June 2013

AAC leads the way

... in the Hot Donut challenge.

Maggie's Snacks has challenged customers to eat a whole jam doughnut without licking their lips.

Fraser and Josie have risen to the challenge and put AAC on the board

If doughnuts are your thing, you can also find freshly made cinnamon doughnuts and iced doughnuts at a new stand above the ticket office at Slalom Plaza. The cinnamon doughnuts were very popular with one group at the lodge.

June fun

Hughie has not been kind to us (yet) but the snowmakers having been busting a gut whenever conditions allow.

Mousetrap, Wombats and Main Street are open. It's not ideal, but everyone is having a lot of fun.

We did get a couple of cm of snow on Monday morning (24th) and the kids were quick to get out and enjoy it


Astra is doing some Mexican theme nights and a group from the lodge headed off for a great night out with cocktails and live music.
Myra & Andrew at Astra

AAC Falls Creek is on Instagram

To make it easier to share photos, we have set up a profile on Instagram. If you use Instagram, please share your photos of the lodge and Falls Creek with #aacfalls.

If you don't know how to use Instagram, just ask a passing 12 year old - it worked for me.

You can still send pictures to me at comms.aacfc(at)gmail.com for the blog and associated album.

10 June 2013

And we're off...

There may not have been much snow, but there were still plenty of members and guests at the lodge to mark the start of the season. The lift company had kids activities at Cloud 9, the shops had bargains and there was walking or hired bikes for the energetic. Myra and assistants turned on some fabulous scones and cupcakes too.

The new RFID gates are working on Falls Creek Express, and ready to go on Eagle and Summit. The new credit card style snow passes are also encouraging the lift company to innovate with some new deals. Once you have the card, you can buy tickets online. there are discounts for buying ahead of time, and there's even a 5 day anytime ticket.

If you know anyone who has been wanting to try skiing, or boarding, there is a fabulous 1234ever deal available for genuine first timers. Take 4 days of beginner day packages ($471) before the end of July and get a season pass thrown in, and other discounts. It's a limited offer that runs out on 28 June. See http://www.skifalls.com.au/1234EverPass for details.

The lodge is heavily booked until late August, with a few vacancies still. The last week in August and all of September still have plenty of opportunities.

07 June 2013

Improved Mobile Service

Telstra celebrated the start of  the snow season by turning on the new 4G service the day before Queens Birthday Weekend.

Hopefully this will mean much better mobile service, especially for those people using Telstra's mobile broadband

01 June 2013

They came, they plunged, they thawed out

The Brighton Icebergers came en masse for the 1st June ice plunge. The weather was pretty atrocious but that didn't stop them doing what they do best.

They enjoyed it so much, some went back for another plunge the next morning when the weather was less bleak