15 November 2012

Interschools resolution

School Snowsports Development Foundation (SSDF) and Ski & Snowboard Australia (SSA) have put out a joint statement.

In essence
  • In 2013 Victorian Interschools will be at Buller from Sunday 18th August to Sunday 25th August
  • 2013 National Interschools will be held at Buller from Wednesday 4th September to Sunday 8th September
The statement makes some references to simplified operation and ongoing discussions with Falls Creek about school based events but says nothing specific.

While it may be disappointing for many that Interschools will not be held at Falls Creek next year, it is good to have resolution of this issue. Let's hope this really is settled.

07 November 2012

Cup Weekend fun

We're looking forward to a great summer in the renovated  lodge. Cup Day was a great excuse for members to enjoy a long weekend at Falls Creek. There was even a little snow left out the back for a few turns.

05 November 2012

Interschools - what's happening?

Since the previous post, the Interschools situation has become unclear - to say the least.

In essence, there is a disagreement between Ski & Snowboard Australia (SSA) and the School Snowsports Development Foundation (SSDF) over who has authority over Interschools.

SSA has said that it has arranged for both Victorian and National Interschools in 2013 to be hosted by Mt Buller.

On the other hand SSDF and Falls Creek Ski Lifts are both confirming that the events will be held at Falls Creek as previously announced. The Victorian Snowsports Association (VSA) is supporting this position.

We won't try to second guess the outcome. We will let you know more when the situation is clearer. Let's hope that is sooner rather than later and that we can confidently look forward to 2 great events at Falls Creek.