Staying at the Lodge

If you haven't stayed at AAC Falls Creek, here's a few notes about what to expect.

The lodge is sometimes referred to as the Huette. This is just an Austrian/German word for hut (or lodge, cabin, cottage) and reflects the Austrian heritage of skiing in Australia. It is pronounced "hoo-ett-er", or more commonly Anglicised to "hooter".

All the rooms have ensuites. The rooms are small but comfy. Most rooms have a double bed with an offset single bunk above. There is hanging and storage space under the bunk and coat hangers are provided. There are also shelves. Towels and small soaps are provided but you need to bring other toiletries, face washers and hair dryer.

Ski and Boot Rooms
When you enter the lodge, there is a ski room immediately on your right. Leave your skis and poles here. The lodge has a large locked communal ski locker where skis can be left between visits. Members can apply for a key.

There is a waxing bench. You will need to bring your own waxing/tuning gear. 

There are also a limited number of storage lockers. A member can apply for a locker, but it is not guaranteed that one will be available. There is a small annual fee for a locker.

At the top of the stairs is the boot room. There is a heated boot rack for drying boots and lots of hanging space for jackets, gloves etc.

Each room has an allotted cupboard and fridge space, just look for your room number. There is also a communal freezer with some space for frozen food. You probably won't have room for drinks in the fridge, but on the balcony there is a milk crate for each room where you can put drinks. If it's snowy this will keep your drinks icy cold. Otherwise, pre-chill them here and finish them off a few at a time in the fridge.

The kitchen is huge and well equipped, but some cooperation and patience is needed at dinner time so that everyone can prepare their meals.

There is a gas barbecue on the balcony.

At breakfast time cereals, milk, juice, bread and spreads are provided. For peak season hot brekkies are provided too. There is a drip coffee machine with ground coffee provided. There is also a Nespresso machine but you need to provide your own pods. Nespresso brand work best. The Piazza D’Oro pods in Foodworks fit the machine but don't work as well.

There are some communal ingredients you can count on, and some that you might be lucky with. See the list at the bottom of this page for details.

Members and their guests need to clear up their own cooking area and utensils, and wash and put away their dishes.

Lounge and Recreation Areas
There is a large lounge/dining area with a wood heater. This is the heart of the lodge. Nearby is a small mezzanine with couches. This is good spot for quiet reading and relaxing.

Downstairs is a games room with foozball, pool & table tennis and a large TV. Next to it is a smaller TV room. Everyone is welcome to use the games room, but it is very common for kids to hang out there while adults are upstairs in the lounge/dining area.

Some board games and DVDs are available for children.

There is a spa and sauna. Extra towels are provided for use here. If you want to use the sauna, you will need to turn it on beforehand so it can heat up.

Broadband internet is available for members and guests. Ask the manager or other members for the password. This is intended for checking email, weather reports etc. No big downloads please. Computers should not be used in the dining room between 6pm and 8pm.

The laundry is primarily for managers to wash and dry lodge linen and towels. They need exclusive access to the laundry on Sundays, and on Mondays if there was a big changeover. Guests are welcome to use the laundry once the linen & towels are done. Check with the managers if you are not sure.

Room Allocations
When you receive your booking confirmation slip, it includes a provisional room allocation. It is important to note that this allocation is subject to change. E.g. this may be to cater for extended stays, special needs of guests, later bookings or maintenance issues. You should always check the whiteboard on arrival for correct room allocation.

Sunday Night

Most people arrive on a Sunday to stay for 5 or 7 days. In the evening wine and nibbles are provided and there is a briefing about the lodge, including safety information and discussion of guest responsibilities. Everyone is expected to attend.

Some club lodges have rosters with daily chores to be performed by everyone. At AAC Falls Creek there are no rosters and few chores, but there a few things that members and guests are required to do. When the supply of firewood inside is low, the easiest way to restock is for people to make a human chain to move pieces from the cellar to the wood cupboard. This is usually on a Sunday, but you need to jump in and help whenever it happens. The fire also needs to be set and lit most evenings.

You need to clean up after yourself in all common areas, especially the lounge and kitchen. You may need to vacuum the lounge if it is getting dirty.

If the rubbish bins or recycling bin in the kitchen are full, you need to tie them up and take them to the front door or to the garbage shed.

On the day you are leaving, you will need to strip your bed and take towels and sheets to the laundry and take the rubbish bag in your room to the bin.

Not really a chore, but you need to watch out for your children's (and other guests) behaviour and make sure they are not being unduly noisy or rough or inconveniencing other guests.

Getting to and from the lodge
When arriving at Falls Creek there are a number of ways of getting to the lodge.
When the roads are clear, you can drive to the lodge and unload then leave the village and park as directed. Resort Management will usually return the driver to the lodge.

When the roads are snow covered, an oversnow service operates to take you and your luggage to lodges. This can be costly and service can be slow at busy times. If you are travelling light and Gully Chair is operating, you can take one small piece of luggage each on the chair and it is then a very short walk to the lodge. Otherwise it is an uphill walk of about 600 metres from the oversnow terminal, straight up Falls Creek Road.

The lodge is very close to the village bowl. This means it is close to the top of Gully Chair and bottom of Eagle Chair and Summit Chair. You can walk to either of these, or ski down the road and catch Gully Chair or International to avoid walking. You can ski straight from Gully Chair to Eagle Chair.

When the home trails are open, it is an easy run down Broadway to the bowl and the lodge. Probably not for first day beginners, but anyone who can confidently turn and stop should manage it ok. When Broadway is not open, you can either download on Eagle Chair or get a village shuttle from near the bottom of FC Express (Wombats Ramble) to the bowl.

Community Supplies List (Winter)

You can expect to find these provided for your use:
  • Bread - limited quantity only, ie unfinished loaves from breakfast
  • Milk - for tea & coffee only
  • Tea
  • Teabags
  • Coffee
  • Hot chocolate
  • Tomato sauce
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Plain flour
  • Self-raising flour
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Pepper (in grinders)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Foil
  • Cling wrap
  • Baking paper

At breakfast time only
  • Cereals
  • Juice
  • Spreads
  • Maple syrup    
  • Margarine and/or butter

Many herbs, spices and other condiments are also available when guests leave their remnants for others to use.