17 December 2010

bookings closure over Christmas

Bookings will be closed for AAC Falls Creek from COB Friday 24 December, re-opening Tuesday 4 January

20 October 2010

Summer in Falls Creek

Every year it seems that there is more happening at Falls over summer: more special events and more activities.
  • Mountain biking
  • Road cycling - especially on the sealed Bogong High Plains Rd
  • Bushwalking & guided walks
  • Shuttle to Hotham so you can walk back across the high plains
  • Wildflowers
  • Geo-caching
  • Horse-riding
  • Fishing
  • Fly-fishing lessons and guide
  • Canoeing & boating (BYO)
  • Skate ramp, basket-ball, tennis, gym
  • Kid's Club daily activities from Boxing Day to end Jan
  • Open-air cinema
  • Day trips to wineries, boutique breweries and other attractions in the valleys

The summit chair will run from 27 Dec to 3 Jan (and probably some other times) for sightseeing and mountain biking.

You can see the scheduled events in the What's Coming Up calendar in the left column, or more info at www.fallscreek.com.au/Events.

When the rest of the state swelters, it is usually 10°C cooler at Falls Creek. AAC Falls Creek offers an inexpensive opportunity for a terrific summer holiday. Rates start at $25 per night for a member (min booking $220)

19 October 2010

Summer associate

If you are not a member of AAC but would like to stay in summer, you can apply to become a Summer Associate of AAC Falls Creek. (There is a nominal fee of $20.)

As a Summer Associate, you can book for a group, not just yourself. A Summer Associate only has booking rights at AAC Falls Creek during the summer months and has no voting rights or reciprocal rights with any other AAC Lodge.

To enquire about becoming a Summer Associate and  making a summer booking, please contact Alan Long at mrkflong@bigpond.com

Application Form for Summer Associate

15 October 2010

Important Falls Creek info via SMS

After the extreme weather and road closures in September, FCRM has decided to initiate an SMS broadcast service for Falls Creek residents, businesses and stakeholders. They will use the service to get important information to registered users as quickly as possible. This would have been invaluable when the road closure situation was changing and convoys were being organised. The service is free, and I have been assured that personal contact details will only be used by FCRM to supply resort information.

If you are a regular Falls Creek visitor and would like to receive these messages, please email willflamsteed@fallscreek.com.au and request that he register you for the SMS Broadcast Service. You need to supply the following information:
Category = Off-mountain stakeholder

11 October 2010

New lodge managers

Our advertisement for new lodge managers attracted a very strong field of applicants. After a careful selection process Andrew and Myra Rist have been selected as our new lodge managers.

Thanks also to Greg & Jenni for a great job over the last 2 seasons.

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30 September 2010

New design for the blog

Don't panic: you're not on the wrong website, we've just done a bit of redecorating.

The booking status has moved to it's own page - just click on the Booking Status tab, immediately below the Australian Alpine Club Falls Creek heading. Hope you find the new format easier to use.

21 September 2010

Village roads have been cleared

On Monday FCRM cleared the village roads because there was really not enough snow to get around on.

The same arrangements will be place for drop off and pick up as those that applied earlier in the season. You can get a 30 min pass to drive the lodge and load/unload. Depending on conditions, you may be required to fit chains. Roads may be icy, so be careful driving and walking around the village.

10 September 2010

Gotta love spring skiing

This little promo from Falls Creek on Wed 8th shows how good the spring conditions are. There is some inspirational footage of skiing down the back of Mt McKay.

09 September 2010

Royal Visit?

While the rain was pouring down and the mountain was on windhold on Saturday 4th, AAC members were  enjoying a game of celebrity heads.

Bogong High Plains Rd to Falls Creek is now open all hours

FCRM advise that Vicroads and Police have okayed the road to be open night and day.

There are still 2 sets of traffic lights where the road is reduced to one way (near Clover Dam and just below Turnback) and you should be cautious throughout the drive.

06 September 2010

Falls Creek Rd Daylight Hours Only

* update: closure is now 6pm to 6am (not 7:30am as stated below) *

The Falls Creek road will be closed at 6pm every night until further notice.FCRM have provided the following advice:
The Victorian Police and VicRoads have directed that the Bogong High Plains Road between Falls Creek and Mount Beauty will be closed between 6pm and 7.30am each night for the immediate future.

Many of you have likely witnessed the numerous landslides and fallen trees along the Bogong High Plains Road to Mount Beauty resulting from the recent severe weather.
While there has been a considerable cooperative effort among many agencies to reopen the road, there still remains areas of some risk due to landslides and trees that are in imminent danger of falling.
VicRoads has determined that the risks posed by these areas are manageable during daylight hours. They have determined however, that the risk is unacceptable during the night due to restricted vision.
The road between Falls Creek and Mount Beauty will therefore be closed at 6pm every night. Cars must leave the resort by 545pm to ensure this occurs.  There will be no exceptions to this rule. 
This is a decision made exclusively by Vic Police advised by a qualified VicRoads assessor.

All systems are Go!

The road is open again, although drivers are warned to be be extremely cautious. Ski Patrol reported that the base has frozen and there has been a  nice top up of fresh snow.

05 September 2010

Road Closures due to Severe Weather

The extraordinary weather over the last few days has affected access to Falls Creek. In particular, there have been some landslips on the road from Mt Beauty to Falls Creek and the road was closed for much of Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday afternoon there were escorted convoys to allow traffic on and off  the mountain. The road is now closed again and the following advice has been provided by FCRM.
As at 610pm Sunday September 5
Due to severe weather conditions and as a precautionary measure to travellers , the Bogong High Plains Road has been closed to all traffic by Victoria Police.

Escorted vehicles were allowed outbound and inbound access to the resort, but it is expected the road will again be closed to general traffic until re assessment on the morning of Monday September 6.


It is suggested any travellers in transit arrange accommodation in Mt Beauty or stay in Falls Creek overnight. If there is any change to these circumstances, you will be notified as soon as Resort Management is made aware.
There are also road closures on access roads to Mt Beauty. Specific details change as water levels rise and fall in different places. Access to and from Mt Beauty has been possible, given some route planning to avoid the closures. Vic Roads is updating its road closure bulletin several times a day. You can check it at http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/TrafficAndRoadConditions/EmergencyConditions/ExtremeWeatherLatestRoadInformation.htm 

26 August 2010

Good things come to those that wait

After a slow start to the season, Falls Creek now has over 175cm of snow and more snow is expected over the next few days. All lifts are running and even the Maze is open. Who would have thought it just a few weeks ago?

There are some great offers to entice us to make the best of this late season.

Spring season pass
Falls Creek are offering a spring season pass that covers Falls and Hotham from 28th August to the end of the season.
Adults $549
Secondary students $449
Children (6-14) $275
Details at  www.skifalls.com.au/springseasonpass

Value season day tickets
From Sept 13th, adult day ticket price drops to $80 ($64, $40 for students, kids)
Details at www.skifalls.com.au/Tickets Passes

Off-peak rates at AAC
Off-peak rates at AAC Falls Creek lodge start this Sunday 29th. For adult members, that's a week for $189 or a weekend for $63 . (Details of other rates) There are still rooms available all through the rest of the season, although they are filling up. See the Booking Status for the latest information.

24 August 2010

Living in an Igloo

Jenni Frendo sent this in today from the lodge:

we took this photo out of our bedroom window today, the snow has fallen off the roof all week, until the last one which just kind of sat there on top like a surf wave! we truly live in an igloo!!
snow is perfect right now - we just can't see it very well, too foggy!

14 August 2010

2010 annual race

*** more pictures added 23 August ***
A beautiful day and beautiful snow for a fun morning's racing. Everybody made it through both runs without any falls or missed gates.

The post race dinner was a great night with everybody mixing and enjoying the great spread that Greg and Jenni put on.

Thanks to John, Noel, Greg and Jenni for a great day.

If you have pictures to share, please contact us at aacfallscreek(at)gmail.com

Sam Barker Memorial Shield for Children 12 and under
1 William Cowie 
2 James Cowie
3 Natasha Poon

Adult Men
1 Ross Barker
2 Darby Kitchin
3 John Cameron

Adult Women
1 Melissa  Cameron
2 Viviene Wall
3 Marj Pit

Harry Stogdale

Special Awards
Fastest Guest: Davide Allidi
Slowest Instructor: Ian Farrow

Full Results

sled dog race - village road closures

There will be a sled dog race in the village on Tuesday night 17th August. It should be a great spectacle, but it will impact on village access and parking.

Half of the Slalom North carpark will be roped off from Sunday night.

On Tuesday night the course must be free of all traffic including pedestrians, from approx 7pm to 8pm. If you are planning to go out on Tuesday night, be aware that some roads will be cordoned off.

The race course will be:
1. From bottom of Falls Express, up Wombats Ramble and right onto Pretty Valley Road,
2. Across Pretty Valley Road to the top of Ory's Trail,
3. Down Ory's trail (past the Brown Tank) and entering the village at Frueauf,
4. Down Schuss Street taking a right onto Slalom Street in front of Julian's,
5. Down Slalom Street and back into Slalom Plaza.

When there are no race teams approaching Marshalls will permit traffic through the cordoned off intersections. However, the Marshalls will remove all traffic from the race course when race teams are approaching.

FCRM also warn that the dogs are not the patting kind.

02 August 2010

Village in Oversnow mode

Once more there is enough snow in the village for ski-in/ski-out and oversnow operation.

01 August 2010

Election Day - No polling booth at Falls Creek

The Australian Electoral Commission is not intending to have a polling booth at Falls Creek. If you are planning on being at Falls on 21 August your options are:
  • go to an early voting centre to cast your vote before you leave home
  • apply for a postal vote (must be received by AEC by 19 August)
  • vote in a nearby town (eg Mt Beauty or Tawonga)  if you are on your way to/from Falls Creek on the day
AEC poster
More info at www.aec.gov.au

28 July 2010

Building Sub Committee formed

Following the AGM in May a Building Sub Committee has been formed to work on the many issues associated with the Lodge Redevelopment, required for Lease Renewal.

Members of the Sub Committee include:

Nigel Cowie
Michael McKenna
Paul Cregan
Andrew Rist
Richard Pocknee
Mark Rosenberg

Works completed todate include:

A meeting has been held with our architects - Salter Architects.
A meeting has been held with Falls Creek Resort Management.
Building Surveyor and CFA reports have been commissioned.

The committee will be working hard over the next six months to prepare a building works proposal for FCRM, as part of our lease renewal application.

Nigel Cowie
Lodge Supervisor

26 July 2010

Après Action

AAC Falls Creek members Robert, Ian, Andrew and David sampling some après refreshments at the vodka bar last Saturday evening.

If you've got some photos you'd like to share on the blog, send them to aacfallscreek(at)gmail.com , with a note to pass them on for the blog. (Preferred format is JPG 400 pixels wide)

25 July 2010

Village roads have been cleared

On Saturday, FCRM decided that there was not enough snow on the village roads to make them practical for ski-in/ski-out. Accordingly, they have cleared the village roads.

The same arrangements will be place for drop off and pick up as those that applied earlier in the season. You can get a 30 min pass to drive the lodge and load/unload. Depending on conditions, you may be required to fit chains. Roads may be icy, so be careful driving and walking around the village.

17 July 2010

Opportunity to hear David Herman in Melbourne

The new CEO of Falls Creek Resort Management, David Herman, will be speaking to the Falls Creek Alpine Association (representing Falls Creek stakeholders, including snowports clubs) in Melbourne on Thursday 22 July at the German Club (Club Tivoli, 291 Dandenong Road, Windsor), commencing at 7.30pm.

Apologies for the late notice on this, but it is a great opportunity to meet David and you are encouraged to attend. Please RSVP by latest 19 July to president@fcaa.org.au

If you would like to attend, it is imperative that you reply in case there are changes to arrangements.

Snow at last

About a foot of snow fell during the week, making a huge difference to Falls. The village is now ski-in/ski-out with oversnow in operation. The home trails are skiable, although marginal in places. Ruined Castle was officially open before the snowfall, but is now providing some really nice skiing. Scotties is "interesting" for access. It looks as though another decent fall will get Highway 83 open and make Scotties more than an access trail.

Village Shuttles

FCRM are reminding us that the shuttle service can not be relied on to get everyone around the village.
The intra-village shuttle service is primarily provided for the elderly, immobile, young children and novice skiers and boarders. As we have limited capacity to provide the intra-village shuttle service we strongly encourage ... guests ...to ski to and from their accommodation.

When night skiing is on, there is an extended intra-village shuttle service until ~20 minutes after the lift closes. Once again FCRM are advising that it can't be relied on for general getting around the village:
There are, of course, a limited number of shuttles we can provide during the evening service and this has meant that during the busiest periods the demand is greater than the supply. While we are more than happy to continue to provide the service to whomever is seeking the transport, in future when there is a build up of guests waiting for transport at shuttle stops we will request that priority be given to:
- Skiers and boarders returning from night skiing,
- The elderly and immobile, and
- Very young children.

XC ski trails

After this week's snowfall there is finally enough snow to get the xc trails groomed. So far, approx 25km of trails are groomed and open, including BHP to Watchbed Creek and the McKay loop. Trail fees are being charged.

09 July 2010

XC Ski for Free Days

You can try XC skiing at Falls, free of normal trail fees on July 24 & 25.

You need to register at one of the XC ticket outlets (Windy Corner, Viking or the Falls Creek Visitor Information Centre)and beg, borrow or hire some gear, then enjoy the scenic trails.

More info at www.fallscreek.com.au

26 June 2010

Icy sun catchers

We liked the idea of these icy sun catchers as a creative fun activity on non ski days.

Just set glitter or beads or any colourful bits and pieces in a shallow water filled container and leave them to freeze.


A survey about Falls Creek is being conducted by John Gayler, an honours student in the School of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business and Law, at Deakin University. He wants to know about your insights, views and opinions with regard to matters relating to your most recent experience at Falls Creek during the 2010 winter ski season

The questionnaire should involve approximately 15 minutes of your time. As an acknowledgement of your time, you may enter your email address at the end of the survey to go in the draw to win one of five $50 vouchers for surfstitch.com.au.

The questionnaire can be found at http://deakinbuslaw.qualtrics.com/SE?SID=SV_4Vp3fuTgUMpE4mg

It closes on 12 August.

16 June 2010

Parking for Late Night Arrivals

FCRM have made some changes for guests arriving after normal hours of operation.

There is now a late night parking area on the low side of Falls Creek Oversnow. If you arrive after the car-parking staff have finished, you can park in this sign posted overnight car parking area without fear of getting a ticket. You must get a resort entry pass first thing the next morning from the new Visitor Info Hub in St Falls West.

11 June 2010

Parking and Village Transport

The village roads be closed to ordinary traffic from 12 noon today. After that, vehicles will only be allowed into the village for drop-off and pickup or if they have an authorised vehicle pass.

Slalom St will be closed at Wombats Ramble. From the lower end of Slalom St, you can only drive to Les Chalet / High Plains / Snowgum Lane. For all other parts of the village, vehicle access is via Falls Creek Road.

While the village roads are clear, guests can drive into the village to drop off and pick-up luggage, according this procedure:
Guests arriving or departing the village will be granted a 30 minute pass into the village to unload/load their passengers and luggage. The process for guest arrival and departure will be:
  • Arriving guests will be met by an FCRM staff member at the Falls Creek Road intersection and will receive a 30 minute pass into the village to unload their passengers and luggage.
  • When unloaded the guest will drive back to BHP Road and wait for the FCRM car parking shuttle outside the Oversnow Terminal, which will escort them to a car park.
  • The guest will then be transported back to their accommodation in the FCRM shuttle.
  • When departing the guest should make their way to BHP Road and wait for a car parking shuttle outside the Oversnow Terminal.
  • The car parking shuttle will then transport the guest to their car.
  • The guest will then be granted a 30 minute pass into the village to collect their passengers and luggage.
Parking restrictions apply to all vehicles in the village throughout the season and will enforced. Please do not park in No Standing zones, including in front of fire hydrants or in emergency vehicles zones (defined by unbroken yellow lines down one side of the road). It is essential for emergency response that emergency management vehicles have uninhibited access throughout the village and access to fire fighting infrastructure.

The car parking service will operate from today. However, there will not be an intra-village shuttle for the Opening Weekend. Guests or residents with special transport requirements can contact FCRM to arrange transport throughout the village.

The Bogong High Plains Road past Falls Creek is now closed until after the snow season. There is no access to Omeo across the Bogong High Plains.

Vale Sigi

Many of you will be saddened to hear that Sigi Doerr, the long time proprietor of Koki,  passed away unexpectedly earlier in the week

07 June 2010

Snowmakers are Go!

 It looks like they fired the guns up in earnest this morning.

Fingers crossed for more cold nights and a bit of natural stuff.

04 June 2010

Prescriptions and Pharmacy Supplies

Many of you will be aware that there is no longer a pharmacy at Falls Creek. If you do need prescriptions or other pharmacy supplies during your stay, there is a procedure for ordering them from Mt Beauty Pharmacy. The procedure is necessarily fairly strict. Details will be on display in the lodge.

Child Care at Falls Creek

The Child Care Centre has moved to the St Falls West building.

Child Care is available daily during the ski season, from 8:30 to 4:30.
For bookings and further information, call (03) 5758 1244.

29 May 2010

Capital Raising for Lodge Renovation

At the recent AAC Falls Creek AGM, there was a Motion regarding Capital raising. The issue is related to the forthcoming Lease renewal and required works to improve the outside of the lodge to current standards. The majority of members who attended arrived early for the special presentation on the reasons and background of how the committee arrived at the need to raise capital.

The committee had taken email and phone queries prior to the meeting as well as responding to active discussions at the meeting. 53 members voted in person and by proxy and the motion to raise the funds was approved.

Subsequently a second motion to form a subcommittee to advise the committee on the detailed plans and implementation of the building works was moved and passed. A number of volunteers have already advised that they are able to assist on this subcommittee and any interested member is welcome to put forward their services. (please send an email to aacfallscreek@gmail.com if you wish to assist).

A subset of the presentation material will be available on the public web site for those who couldn't attend the AGM.

This forms a key milestone for the club as we prepare to extend the life of the lodge by 30-40 years and ensure that the lease and lodge are available for the next generation of skiers.

thanks for your support
Noel Poon
Chairman Australian Alpine Club Falls Creek

The presentation material can be downloaded by right-clicking here

Falls Creek Gym - new location

If you use the community gym at Falls Creek, you will find that it has moved to the ground floor of the St Falls West complex. It will be closed until 2 June. The door code is also being changed. If you are a member of the gym, you will need to get the new code from FCRM administration.

22 May 2010

Ice Plunge

The Ice Plunge is on again: celebrate the first day of winter with a refreshing dip in Rocky Valley dam.

When: Tuesday June 1st at 10am
Where: Rocky Valley Dam Boat Ramp, Falls Creek

  • Get totally wet and receive a Free Sports Towel
  • Challenge 1 - Swim around a set course and see if you can collect a duck along the way. Great prizes for those who save a duck from the chilly waters!!!
  • Challenge 2 - Red Bull Gives You Wings - Come down sporting your best wings and be in the chance to win prizes
There will also be a BBQ brekkie (SES) and expresso coffee available.

20 May 2010

New Visitor Info Centre

Resort Management are setting up a more accessible visitor info centre. It will be known as the Falls Creek Visitor Information Centre Hub. It will be operating in an office directly outside Foodworks, beginning Queens Birthday weekend. Opening hours are 8am – 5pm 7 days a week.

It will look after all guests related enquiries including
  • resort entry
  • cross country (seasonal pass) ticketing
  • gymnasium passes
  • information on resort services,
  • general guest related enquires
  • infringement payments.
Other resort admin functions will still be performed in the old office.

Falls Creek Events Calendars

Resort Management have published calendars of events for the coming season and the following summer.
Most events are now included in the calendar in the left column of this blog.

Key changes for summer
  • 4 new weekend events: triathlon, wildwalk, fishing comp and bootscooting
  • Taste of Falls to be replaced by a 2-day music-based festival, Sound of Falls, in March
  • Billy Cart & Bush Bash will be a expanded into a 2-day event

05 May 2010

New Resort Management Board and CEO for Falls Creek

The new appointments were announced recently.

The new Resort Management Board members are:
  • Mark Anderson – chair
  • Diana Patterson – deputy chair
  • Stacey Daniel
  • Lynnette Gibbs
  • Graham Irish
  • Roger Kilby
  • Charles Warren
 The new RMB CEO is David Herman.

26 April 2010

Annual General Meeting

Date: Tuesday 25th May
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Royal Brighton Yacht Club, 253 St Kilda St Brighton

All members are encouraged to attend and contribute to a successful AGM.

AGM's for the other AAC lodges will be held concurrently in other rooms at the venue. The bar will be open before and after the meetings and a light supper will be provided, so take the opportunity to socialise with other members.

21 April 2010

Summer Associate Membership of Falls Creek Huette

As our organisation’s philosophy is 'affordable accommodation for families' to enjoy winter sports and the Australian Alps the Committee is always looking to expand Lodge utilisation.

To increase utilisation of the Lodge over summer, the Club has introduced a ‘Summer Associate Membership’ which will allow more winter guests and non-members to experience the Lodge.

A Summer Associate only has booking rights at AAC Falls Creek during the summer months and has no voting rights or reciprocal rights with any other AAC Lodge.

As we are a part of the Falls Creek and Alpine community, there are a number of other groups who have expressed a desire to support the Falls Creek community and we should support them. An example is a conservation group, who have plans to use volunteer labour to remove weeds from the Alpine National Park. The Committee have agreed that supporting groups like this and other sporting groups to enjoy the National Park over summer, can best be managed by the 'Summer Associate Membership' of Falls Creek Huette.

Snow Rewards

The lift company are offering a Snow Rewards program this year. It costs $49 and offers:
  • One Day Lift Only Pass (Peak Season): $90 per day
  • One Day Lift Only Pass (Value Season): $70 per day
  • Only $50 for a 2 hour group lesson (10am or 1.30pm)
  • discount vouchers
    It is valid for Hotham as well as Falls Creek

    If you sign up before 1 May 2010, you go in the draw to win a Spring Skiing (September) weekend for two valued at $1500.

    More info at www.fallscreek.com.au/SnowRewards

    28 March 2010

    Resort Entry Season Passes

    Early bird Falls Creek resort entry passes save about 15%, but you need to buy before 30th April. Day entry this year will be $32, so you would break even on an early bird pass on the 8th day.

    Early bird price: $230
    Full price: $270

    If you purchase online from Fall's Creek online agent, there is a competition to win $800 worth of Ripcurl ski clothes and accessories. Alternatively you can download a form and fax or mail it.

    All resort (Victoria) season passes are also available before 30th April. For details see http://www.fallscreek.com.au/ResortEntry

    Early bird price: $437
    Full price: $470

    23 March 2010

    Season Passes

    Falls Creek have published their season pass prices. The early bird pass will be a "Super Pass" that includes Perisher (as well as Hotham).

    If you buy your pass before 27 May, the prices are
    $1,149 for adults
    $649 for children aged 6yrs – Year 12 and for adults aged 65+

    (There seems to be discrepancy with the child ticket age cut-off, so it might be worth checking with the lift company. Hotham website says full time secondary students to 18 can get the child super pass)

    After that date, Perisher is not included. Full price season passes will be
    $1399 adults
    $790 children & secondary students
    $799 full time tertiary students
    $700 seniors 65-69

    Season 6 Passes (no Saturdays)
    $1149 adults
    $635 children & secondary students
    $575 seniors 65-69

    There is also a competition to get your pass for free if you buy before 7 May.

    26 February 2010

    March Long Weekend - No private cars in village

    The village will be very busy with the 3 Peaks cycle race.

    Resort Management have decided to restrict car parking in the village from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th. Only Authorised Vehicle Permit holders will be allowed to park within the Village. Vehicles without an authorized permit will be issued with an Infringement Notice. (Permits will only be granted to the nominated vehicles of business owners and permanent residents.)

    From www.fallscreek.com.au
    • All visitors that arrive will be greeted at Falls Creek Road intersection
    • Drivers will be given a temporary pass which allows them 30 minutes of access time into the village to deliver passengers and luggage.
    • All drivers must then return to Falls Creek Road Intersection where they will be greeted by a transporter and directed to an allocated car park.
    • Transporters will then chauffer drivers back to their accommodation in the village if desired.
    CAR COLLECTION - For the collection of vehicles upon leaving the mountain
    • Drivers will be chauffeured to the car park from a bus stop and drivers will again be able to drive their vehicles to their accommodation to pick up luggage and passengers
    • Where possible drivers are encouraged to walk to their vehicles for collection.
    • Please note, this service will only be available until Monday 8th March until 4pm.
    • A free village shuttle will operate throughout the village during the weekend to shuttle pedestrians that are mobility impaired or unable to walk. This shuttle will operate on a set route at a very slow speed and visitors are encouraged to wait at designated bus stops.

    25 February 2010

    Top Coat for Bogong High Plains Road

    The Bogong High Plains road from Falls Creek to the Omeo Highway was sealed last summer, but it was always intended to follow that up with a second seal this year.

    From the Alpine Shire website

    The Bogong High Plains Road will receive its final seal starting on Wednesday, 24 February. The work is expected to take more than a week.

    Alpine Shire Council's Manager Strategic Services, John Carter said the final seal and guard rail will be installed to complete the road sealing project.

    "It is expected there will be minor delays while the work is in progress and the surface will be vacuumed of loose stones at the same time," Mr Carter said.

    "This will be welcomed by all the road users. The unique Alpine loop that can be enjoyed by car tourers, motorcyclists and road cyclists alike is already proving popular.

    The sealed road makes the Hotham - Falls Creek loop accessible to drivers who prefer to avoid dirt roads. It's a great day trip of about 225km.

    The Bogong High Plains road will still be closed during the snow season

    11 January 2010

    CODE RED for North East on Tuesday 12 Jan

    Tuesday 12th Jan has been declared a Code Red (Catastrophic) fire danger rating for the North East Fire District, which includes Falls Creek. The Government's advice on such days is that "If you live in a bushfire prone area the safest option is to leave the night before, or early in the morning".

    From Parks Victoria and DSE
    Parks Victoria and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) advise that all national and state parks and forests in the North Country and the North East will be closed tomorrow in the interest of public safety.

    “Many of our parks are large, open landscapes surrounding roads and towns, so access cannot be prevented. We can only stress the intense level of fire risk in these bushland areas and close visitor sites wherever possible,” ...

    Those who are already in a park or forest area are advised the safest option is to leave tonight or early tomorrow morning. Bushfires which start on a day of CODE RED Fire Danger Rating may be uncontrollable, unpredictable and move quickly.

    Parks Victoria and DSE encourage visitors already in these areas to contact the local Visitor Information Centre to find out about alternative tourism opportunities in lower risk areas.