06 October 2011

Stop Press - Super Early Bird Resort Entry Pass

Resort Management have announced a special Super Hero deal to complement the Hero Pass. Buy your 2012 season resort entry by 5pm on Monday 10 October and save $75 off the full 2011 price ( that's $35 less than the early bird price for 2011). Details at fallscreek.com.au/ResortEntry

Reminder - Hero Pass offer closes 10 October

If you haven't ordered your the Hero Pass for 2012, don't leave it too late. The offer closes on 10 October - this coming Monday. The lift company is a bit worried that their website might not cope if too many people wait till Monday, so don't leave it till the last minute.

In case you haven't heard about the Hero Pass, it's a Falls Creek/Hotham Season Pass for only $699 (that's $500 less than the 2011 early bird pass). You pay $199 by 10 October and another $500 by 1 May 2012. Hero Passes for children and seniors are $99 now and $300 by 1 May. The Hero Pass also entitles you to discounts and special offers at some overseas resorts, Otway and Illawarra Flys, Melbourne Aquarium and Falls Creek & Hotham. Details at skifalls.com.au/HeroPass

04 October 2011

Lease granted

In June we received in principle approval for our lodge redevelopment proposal. This meant that our proposal met the requirements for lease renewal. We did not know the term of the new lease.

The Board of Falls Creek Resort Management has now offered us a 50 year lease, which the club has accepted. This is an excellent outcome.

We are currently seeking tenders for the building work. Tender responses are due soon.

At this stage, we do not expect the lodge to be available for bookings over the coming summer & autumn. This will be confirmed once we have selected a builder and established the building schedule.
    Thanks to all members of the committee and building subcommittee and especially to Nigel Cowie, Lodge Supervisor,  for their efforts on this major project.

    03 October 2011

    That's the season that was - 2011

    Season 2011 is over. It started with great promise and July had fantastic snow for those lucky enough to be up there then. Then it just sort of gradually faded away, before ending with a last flurry of snowflakes on closing weekend. Wombats and Main street were open for Queens Birthday Weekend, and Main Street was still going till the last day. Mother nature may have been fickle but snowmaking delivered and kept us skiing and boarding at Falls Creek after Hotham and Buller closed a week early.

    Our new managers Andrew & Myra did a great job.

    We had a new transport system with great new vehicles. Most customers seemed to think it worked well most of the time.

    Steve Lee's backcountry tours were a hit with at least one group of AAC members and guests who had a fabulous trip out to McKay.

    Ross was again triumphant in the club race, with Vivienne taking out the wonen's race and Carla the children's.

    On Hoppet day we had 3 competitors with John again winning his age group in the Joey event.

    The unfavourable economic climate and the sparse snowfalls meant that numbers on the slopes were down, but AAC and other clubs still had quite a good year. We can only infer that even in doubtful economic times, we will still flock to the slopes if we can get good value. It seems that most lift companies around Australia are reaching the same conclusion as they have announced some very attractive early bird season passes. Falls' and Hotham's Hero Pass for $699 is a great deal but you need to act fast - offer closes 10 October.

    I always love to receive photos taken by members and guests at Falls Creek so that I can share them with you. Laurie gave me some fabulous shots of around the lodge and village. You can see more of his shots and others from this season in our web album

    02 October 2011

    serving on the committee

    A club like AAC Falls Creek depends for its success on its members and their contribution to the club. One important way of helping the club is by serving on the committee. Some of the existing committee members have signalled that they would like to retire or step back into less demanding roles by the next AGM. Elections at the AGM are for general committee members, with specific roles being determined at the first committee meeting after the AGM.

    The committee would welcome interest from any potential new committee members. Roles that are likely to be required include
    • Chairman
    • Lodge Supervisor
    • Membership Officer
    If you think you might be be able to contribute to the success of the club in this way or perhaps you might be interested in attending a committee meeting to learn how it works, please send an e-mail to aacfallscreek@gmail.com.

    11 September 2011

    $699 adult season pass for next year

    Great news. The lift company have announced a fabulous deal on season passes for next year. They are calling it the Hero Pass. It's $500 less than this season's early bird deal.

    Pay $199 before 10 October and $500 by 1st May 2012: $699 total cost for a full adult season pass that is valid for Falls and Hotham. Children and secondary students $399.

    Perisher and Thredbo announced offers last week, so it's great to see Falls offering a similar early bird deal.

    Details at skifalls.com.au

    23 August 2011

    Capital Raising for Lodge redevelopment success

    Thanks to all the many Debenture holding members and even some Juniors who provided "up front" payments to the capital raising to finance the redevelopment of the Lodge.
    We had a strong response as you will have seen from the Annual report.
    For those that chose to pay by instalment, the second payment was due in May. If you have not made your payment for that instalment, a reminder notice will soon arrive.
    We are now completing a 100% check of all payments and a statement will be sent to all members with their capital payments made and also a guide to future payments, for those paying by instalment.
    There are a small number of members, mainly juniors, that will see that their future payments increase over time. This is probably due to movement into more senior membership categories.
    The next round of instalments for the capital raising will be in the next subscription invoice round, which will be issued in November for payment in January 2012.

    David Stogdale

    17 August 2011

    Spring Season Pass

    The lift company has announced the spring season pass. It starts on 22 Aug and runs till the end of the season on 22 Oct. Valid for Hotham too.

    Adult $549
    Youth $439
    Child $275
    Senior $275

    16 August 2011

    Sun and snow

    Spring seems to have arrived a bit early. International may be closed, and summit looking pretty sad, but the skiing over the back is still very good. The south facing slopes are holding snow very well and there is still excellent cover.

    Early spring also makes for some great touring too.
    Pics from Sunday 14th.
    Looking back to Sun Valley from above Boomerang

    Mt McKay

    07 August 2011

    Race weekend report

    The annual club race was held on Father Fosters race course on Saturday 6th August.

    Conditions were truly awful but a valiant brigade turned up to race, along with an equally courageous crew from Riverina Ski Club. A few centimetres of fresh wet snow over a soft rain affected base made for heavy work inspecting the course. Generous salting turned it into a rather narrow icy track. There were a few spills, including yours truly, but most survived to take their second run.

    Despite the poor conditions, everyone was in good spirits and there were smiles all around as people completed the course. An added touch of humour came from the misreading of names by the course announcer, coupled with some people racing in numbers originally assigned to others. So David Stogdale, racing in Noel Poon's number was announced as Noah (seemed appropriate given the weather). But perhaps best of all was Rose Baker for our champion Ross Barker.

    Andrew & Myra were joined by some scouting friends to put on a fabulous spread for dinner. In particular, Watson won lots of friends with his lemon tart, vanilla cheesecake and chocolate hazelnut gateau. Thanks for a great dinner!

    Thanks also to Nigel for stepping into John Cameron's shoes for the weekend to organise bibs, results etc.

    More pics
    If you would like to share your photos, please send to aacfallscreek(at)gmail.com

    Sam Barker Memorial Shield for children 12 and under
    1. Carla B
    2. James C
    3. Simon F

    1. Harry S

    1. Vivienne W
    2. Carla B
    3. Marj P

    1. Ross B
    2. William C
    3. Nigel C

    05 August 2011

    savings - through Falls Creek Alpine Association

    The Falls Creek Alpine Association represents ski clubs, apartment owners and other stakeholders in Falls Creek. AAC Falls Creek is a member.

    They have negotiated discounts/deals at a number of businesses including:
    Wining and Dining
    • Falls Creek Hotel
    • Mo"s Restautant (Feathertop Lodge)
    • Plunket Fowles winery (Avenel, on the Hume))
    • Sam Miranda Wines (Oxley)

    • Koki
    • Central Snowsports (Winterhaven and Cedarwood)
    • RPS The Board Store (Elwood)
    • EMC at Snowski (Deepdene)
     Ask our managers Andrew & Myra for more information on the specific deals and how to get them.

    More info on FCAA

    20 July 2011

    come to Race Weekend: August 5-7

    It's not too late to book in for Race Weekend - there are still a few rooms available for this special club weekend.

    Race Weekend is not just for experienced racers, it's a fun weekend for all members.

    The race is designed to be fun for kids and intermediates as well as the experts. You can ski or board, and maybe we might even see some telemark skis this year. Racing happens first thing on Saturday morning, with course inspection followed by 2 runs each. The rest of the weekend is available for free skiing. Dinner is provided on Saturday night and it's a great social time with everyone seated at one long table. There are awards for children under 13 and for grownups and a few fun awards.

    It's a great opportunity to get to know other members better, challenge yourself in a friendly race and enjoy a great night in the lodge. If you haven't tried it, give it a go this year.

    More info

    More pics

    15 July 2011

    fun in the sun

    Another lovely blue sky day with dry hero snow. AAC members and guests made the best of it.

    more pics

    14 July 2011

    Better and better

    After a few cold snowy days, the sun came out for a spectacular day at Falls Creek.  International and Summit are running and the snow is dry.

    Our chairman had a busy time excavating his car a few days ago

    08 July 2011

    fantastic conditions

    The last 2 days have been blue sky and cold dry snow with great skiing on the groomers and off-piste. Summit opened part-way through the day. It looked like they were working on getting  International going too.

    Great conditions for this stage of the season!

    Pictures courtesy of Ian Farrow

    06 July 2011

    Scotts, Ruined Castle and Monkey Bar are now open

    Excellent news, these lifts are all open as of Wednesday afternoon.. Fingers crossed for Summit before too long.

    There are still a few beds available for the weekend.

    20 June 2011

    big changes to village transport this season

    Falls Creek Resort Management will now be running the service previously provided by "Oversnow".

    They have purchased a fleet of 6 Prinoth Husky vehicles, 5 of which carry passengers and one for luggage and freight only. These tracked vehicles will be used to provide transfer of guests and their luggage to/from lodges as well as provide the village shuttle service. As well as improved comfort, these vehicles will inflict less wear and tear on the snow on the village roads. 2 of the vehicles will also be able to groom village roads. Other vehicles may be used at peak demand times too.

    The new vehicles will go into service in the next week or so. In the meantime, village roads are being kept clear where possible. An interim over snow service will be provided if required.

    Other changes
    • Price has decreased
    • You can buy your accommodation transfer tickets when you buy your resort entry, at the gate or in sub-alpine outlets.
    • You can "split the ride" and send one person with all the luggage.
    • Luggage rate is $2.50 per item. (Normal fare includes 2 pieces of luggage, one pair skis/board with boots and one hand luggage)
    • You can purchase large Transit Bags ($2 each) to put smaller bags into so that luggage charge is minimised.

    Full details at http://www.fallscreek.com.au/AccommodationTransfer

    There is also a survey on village transport. Tell FCRM what you think.

    19 June 2011

    major milestone for lodge redevelopment

    Fantastic news!

    Our lodge redevelopment proposal has received approval in principle from Falls Creek Resort Management.

    As you are no doubt aware we need to undertake significant works to secure a lease renewal. These need to address mandatory standards such as building code and bushfire requirements. Our proposed works to address these are seen as appropriate and we can now progress to seeking formal planning approval. The formal lease approval process will still take several months to complete.

    Special thanks to Nigel Cowie, David Stogdale, the members of the building sub-committee and everyone else who has worked so hard on this project

    18 June 2011

    John Cameron nominated for Life Membershipof AAC National

    John has been an enthusiastic and tireless worker within the AAC Falls Creek Lodge community, both at the Lodge and on the snow. He has been a member of AAC Fall Creek Club for over 35 years, and served as an office bearer for Fals Creek and nationally for many years.

    AAC Falls Creek Committee : 8 years
    AAC Falls Creek Chairman : 3 years
    Race Captain for AAC Falls Creek : 10 years
    AAC National Committee : 8 years
    AAC National President : 2 years

    13 June 2011

    season 2011 off to a flying start

    Skiing on opening weekend! Thanks to snowfalls and good snowmaking conditions in the week before Queen's Birthday weekend, Main Street and Wombats ramble were open for an early season ski. The snowmakers did a great job getting these runs in great condition with only limited help from mother nature.
    The lodge was full for the weekend, and members and guests celebrated the 50th anniversary of the opening of AAC's (or the Ski Tourers’ Association as it then called) first lodge at Lake Albina. 
    Boys in black:Jim, Rob, Paul K, Cam, Ian
    19 kids & 11 adults
    girls kicking up: Anna & Fiona

    If you have pictures to share throughout the season, please email them to aacfallscreek(at)gmail.com . (Prefer jpg files  approx 640 pixels wide, but can cope with most things)

    01 June 2011

    work party 2011

    Participants were busy with a host of tasks to get the lodge ready for another season, including:
    • install new system to get digital TV (analog is no longer available in North East Vic)
    • install new sound systems in the dining room and games room
    • install new closed circuit tv to monitor the games room
    • replace faulty appliances in kitchen and manager's flat
    • many other cleaning, maintenance, stocktaking and documentation tasks
    Thanks to all who contributed to the successful weekend, including half of our new Lodge Management Team, Myra Rist.

    05 May 2011

    Autumn in Falls Creek

    The slopes are looking very inviting , and the high plains are just lovely in this autumn weather.
    Summit, International and the Maze from Ropers Lookout

    Drovers and Towers from near Rocky Knobs

    booking patterns for 2010

    Booking numbers for winter 2010 have been tallied and analysed. This chart shows the weekly occupancy rates during the winter season. (Based on beds, not rooms)
    Many members and guests also took advantage of weekend only bookings, as this chart shows

    04 May 2011

    Photo Archives

    Photo albums that were previously on the website can now be seen here

    Album 2007 

    Album 2005

    20 April 2011

    No XC Trail Fees at Falls in 2011

    Resort Management have decided to drop cross country trail fees this year. This is a great opportunity to beg, borrow or hire some xc gear and get out on the trails to see the other side of Falls Creek. The trails in the area between the nordic bowl and wombats ramble are quite sheltered and are a great option on bad weather days. Or take a picnic lunch and explore a bit further afield on a sunny day away from lift queues.

    More info at fallscreek.com.au

    08 April 2011

    Boali Lodge Thredbo - rate clarification

    The AAC booking sheet says "AAC at club member rates" for Boali Lodge at Thredbo. Unfortunately this is not quite correct. It should in fact read "Member guest rates", which is essentially a 60% reduction of their commercial rates.

    Apologies for any confusion or  inconvenience

    31 March 2011

    Capital raising - status

    On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank the many members that have embraced the discounted capital raising offer and paid $1,500 by December 2010 instead of the lengthy instalment programme.

    Over 60% of members paid the $1,500 offered as a once off payment for their contribution to the Capital raising.

    In addition, a number of junior members and also some Life members contributed to the capital raising.

    As a result of the payments received, the Club's cash reserves are now much higher than was anticipated. This will add significantly to our ability to earn interest while we finalise the building works plan and also in the preparation of additional funding to complete the project.

    For those that have chosen to pay by instalment, the next invoice for the current payment will be arriving in early April for payment in May 2011.

    As Treasurer I shall give a report in detail of the financial position regarding the lodge redevelopment and also in general terms at the Club AGM on 24th May at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

    David Stogdale
    AAC Falls Creek

    28 March 2011

    Building Sub Committee Report

    March 2011

    Since the 2010 AGM your Building Sub Committee has been busy working on the lodge redevelopment works.
    We have held 6 Sub Committee Meetings discussing issues ranging from replacement of the roof to the total scope of works for the project. Some important outcomes to date are:
    • Michael McKenna (Architect and Club Member) has been appointed by the Sub and General Committees to continue the work started by Salter Architects. Michael’s family currently reside at Falls Creek so we are lucky to have Michael visiting Falls Creek almost every weekend.
    • The Sub Committee considered replacing of the roof prior to this ski season as a separate exercise to the main building works. Tenders were sought but the only complying tenders received from builders contained in excess of $40,000 of scaffolding. This scaffolding would be duplicated in the main works so it would effectively be wasted money. It was therefore decided to defer the roof replacement and include it with the main works.
    • A Scope of Works was agreed by the Sub Committee and the Main Committee on 8/3/11. These Scope of Works are currently being incorporated into a draft lease application document which will be presented to Falls Creek Resort Management (FCRM) in April 2011. It is hoped that we will have positive feedback from FCRM, confirmed Scope of Works, and a proposed building schedule to present to the AGM in May 2011. 

    Nigel Cowie
    Lodge Supervisor

    27 March 2011

    AGM - put it in your diary

    Amended Date

    The AGM will be held at Royal Brighton Yacht Club on Tuesday May 17th. This is a great opportunity to hear about progress, contribute to the running of your club and meet with other members.

    19 March 2011

    Winter Booking Status now available

    You can see the current booking status on the Booking Status tab at the top of the page. We aim to update it occasionally before the season, and then weekly throughout the season.

    12 March 2011

    Season Pass Prices

    The lift company have announced lift early bird season pass and superpass prices.

    Early Bird Adult$1199
    Early Bird Child/Secondary$672
    Early Bird Tertiary$723
    Superpass Adult$1449
    Superpass Child/Secondary$818
    Superpass Senior$818
    After 27 May Tertiary$827
    Senior (not superpass)$725

    • Unlike previous years, the early bird pass does not include Perisher. Hotham is included
    • Early Bird tickets are only available before 27 May.
    • Early bird Season 6 passes are also available for Adults and children.
    • Seniors are 65-69
    Check www.fallscreek.com.au/SeasonPasses for accurate details

    10 March 2011

    3 Peaks Challenge - 13 March

    Sunday 13th March is the 3 Peaks cycling challenge. Riders set off from Falls Creek from 6:45am for the 235km loop over Tawonga Gap, up Mt Hotham then along the Omeo Highway and back to Falls. Full details at Bicycle Victoria website

    Once again AAC Falls Creek will host riders in the event.

    If you are visiting Falls Creek or surrounding areas this weekend, be aware of road closures for the event, in particular, the road from Mt Beauty to Falls will be closed from 5:30am - 9am.

    22 February 2011

    Falls Creek prices for 2011

    The lift company have announced that day tickets will be $106 for adults, $90 for youths up to 18, $53 for children up to 14. Other lift prices at www.fallscreek.com.au/LiftOnlyLiftRentalTickets

    FCRM have proposed the following prices for Season 2011

    Resort Entry 2011 price
    Day ticket (per day) $35
    Night entry (per day) $35
    Season’s pass $300
    Early bird season’s pass $260

    These rates still require Ministerial approval.

    15 February 2011

    Triathlon weekend

    AAC Falls Creek had visitors of a very different nature over the weekend of 12/13 February.
    Supporting the 2XU Falls Creek Triathlon were a contingent of twenty four lifesavers from Elwood and Brighton Life Saving Clubs. 

    They arrived with six IRB’s and Rescue Boards on Saturday afternoon, setting up their equipment in the flat ground in front of Bogong Ski Club and the play ground. 


    Very early Sunday morning they had their work cut out, setting the swim course and providing water safety for the six hundred or so swimmers entering the water to complete the 1.8Km course in Rocky Valley Dam. 

    The Lodge also hosted the competitor video making production team.

    The next major event at the lodge will be the THREE PEAKS CHALLENGE over the March long weekend. 

    More photos 

    Thanks to David for the report and photos

    08 February 2011

    Falls Creek Triathlon

    This weekend is the inaugural Falls Creek Triathlon which is also the Victorian Long Course Triathlon Championship.This is a major event with more than 500 competitors. There will also be a number of running events on the trails near the nordic bowl and aqueduct.

    AAC Falls Creek will host a contingent from Elwood Life Saving Club who are supporting the triathlon.

    If you will be at Falls on the weekend, be aware that will be restrictions on vehicles in the village. There will also be road closures including the boat ramp area and BHP road on and past the dam.

    04 February 2011

    Membership applications

    New memberships have been closed for 6 months, but in 2011 a small number of memberships will be available for Full Members, Juniors and Intermediates.

    Anyone who wishes to apply for a membership in any category can apply using the membership enquiry form. For more information about membership of AAC Falls Creek, visit www.aacfallscreek.com.

    23 January 2011

    The Man in Summer

    The Man is helping to liven up summer by putting on gigs and events. February includes a Trivia Night, a Murder Mystery Night, a Valentines dinner and a gig with Dylan and Col Wilson. Details at www.themanfallscreek.com

    Lodge development charge - clarification

    The Lodge development charge is an adjunct charge to the subscription. It is separated out of the overall fee as we wish to identify some funds for yearly maintenance on the Lodge.
    The fee is charged to full members and thus with about 200 or so of these members it raises about $9000.
    We spend all of that and usually more on local and minor works at the Lodge each year. In recent times we have spent $30,000 in one year on minor works. Thus the levy does not necessarily cover all of the maintenance issues, but that is the $ level we have struck and it has been at this rate for several years.

    Other categories of membership are not levied this charge, only full (senior, not junior) members are charged.

    On the other hand, the capital raising is a capital injection and is being applied to all categories of membership.  All members regardless of their situation are paying their share of the capital to make a significant redevelopment of the Lodge for the future.

    If members would like to find out more about this element of the annual subscription or the capital raising, please call Club Treasurer, David Stogdale on (03) 9603 0086.

    Falls in Falls

    According to the Bureau of Meteorology, 2010 was the wettest year in Victoria since since 1974 and the wettest place was Falls Creek, with over 3 metres of precipitation. Fortunately some of that was snow.

    Now if Huey would just give it a break for a while please