30 September 2010

New design for the blog

Don't panic: you're not on the wrong website, we've just done a bit of redecorating.

The booking status has moved to it's own page - just click on the Booking Status tab, immediately below the Australian Alpine Club Falls Creek heading. Hope you find the new format easier to use.

21 September 2010

Village roads have been cleared

On Monday FCRM cleared the village roads because there was really not enough snow to get around on.

The same arrangements will be place for drop off and pick up as those that applied earlier in the season. You can get a 30 min pass to drive the lodge and load/unload. Depending on conditions, you may be required to fit chains. Roads may be icy, so be careful driving and walking around the village.

10 September 2010

Gotta love spring skiing

This little promo from Falls Creek on Wed 8th shows how good the spring conditions are. There is some inspirational footage of skiing down the back of Mt McKay.

09 September 2010

Royal Visit?

While the rain was pouring down and the mountain was on windhold on Saturday 4th, AAC members were  enjoying a game of celebrity heads.

Bogong High Plains Rd to Falls Creek is now open all hours

FCRM advise that Vicroads and Police have okayed the road to be open night and day.

There are still 2 sets of traffic lights where the road is reduced to one way (near Clover Dam and just below Turnback) and you should be cautious throughout the drive.

06 September 2010

Falls Creek Rd Daylight Hours Only

* update: closure is now 6pm to 6am (not 7:30am as stated below) *

The Falls Creek road will be closed at 6pm every night until further notice.FCRM have provided the following advice:
The Victorian Police and VicRoads have directed that the Bogong High Plains Road between Falls Creek and Mount Beauty will be closed between 6pm and 7.30am each night for the immediate future.

Many of you have likely witnessed the numerous landslides and fallen trees along the Bogong High Plains Road to Mount Beauty resulting from the recent severe weather.
While there has been a considerable cooperative effort among many agencies to reopen the road, there still remains areas of some risk due to landslides and trees that are in imminent danger of falling.
VicRoads has determined that the risks posed by these areas are manageable during daylight hours. They have determined however, that the risk is unacceptable during the night due to restricted vision.
The road between Falls Creek and Mount Beauty will therefore be closed at 6pm every night. Cars must leave the resort by 545pm to ensure this occurs.  There will be no exceptions to this rule. 
This is a decision made exclusively by Vic Police advised by a qualified VicRoads assessor.

All systems are Go!

The road is open again, although drivers are warned to be be extremely cautious. Ski Patrol reported that the base has frozen and there has been a  nice top up of fresh snow.

05 September 2010

Road Closures due to Severe Weather

The extraordinary weather over the last few days has affected access to Falls Creek. In particular, there have been some landslips on the road from Mt Beauty to Falls Creek and the road was closed for much of Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday afternoon there were escorted convoys to allow traffic on and off  the mountain. The road is now closed again and the following advice has been provided by FCRM.
As at 610pm Sunday September 5
Due to severe weather conditions and as a precautionary measure to travellers , the Bogong High Plains Road has been closed to all traffic by Victoria Police.

Escorted vehicles were allowed outbound and inbound access to the resort, but it is expected the road will again be closed to general traffic until re assessment on the morning of Monday September 6.


It is suggested any travellers in transit arrange accommodation in Mt Beauty or stay in Falls Creek overnight. If there is any change to these circumstances, you will be notified as soon as Resort Management is made aware.
There are also road closures on access roads to Mt Beauty. Specific details change as water levels rise and fall in different places. Access to and from Mt Beauty has been possible, given some route planning to avoid the closures. Vic Roads is updating its road closure bulletin several times a day. You can check it at http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/TrafficAndRoadConditions/EmergencyConditions/ExtremeWeatherLatestRoadInformation.htm