27 February 2012

more redevelopment pictures and progress

Work on the lodge redevelopment is rolling along nicely and results are looking great.
  • The structure and roof is in place for the extension of the dining room. This includes an impressive oregon truss where the old wall used to be.

  • Work has begun in remodelling the public bathroom. The toilet and shower will now have separate entrances and the finish will be similar to the en-suite bathrooms.
  • The iron bark used for cladding and featured posts has a beautiful red colour. Ironbark is also being used on the new entry canopy.

  • As sections of roof and cladding are completed, scaffolding is being removed. We can now see how good the new cladding and windows are looking.
  • Room 15 has been extended to include the area that was a balcony. The interior panelling has been completed and nicely matches the pre-existing walls.

  • The snow splitter that directs snow around the flue from the fireplace has an improved watertight mounting
More pics

    15 February 2012

    redevelopment progress and pics

    The new roof and cladding are almost complete and looking great, especially the timber feature sections. New pictures have been added to the photo album .