30 September 2013

Summer in the mountains

Don't forget that Falls Creek is a great place for a summer holiday too  and the lodge is available for booking all year.

When the rest of the state swelters, the high plains offer a cool alternative, typically 10 degrees cooler than the valley below. There are plenty of cycling options, from the sealed Bogong High Plains Road, to gentle aqueduct tracks to the exciting new mountain bike trails.
The Bogong High Plains offer great bushwalking. Cattleman's huts are a fascinating part of our history.There's canoeing on Rocky Valley Dam, fishing in the dam or at Pretty Valley or the aqueducts or nearby streams & rivers. Photographers and artists find inspiration in our magnificent alpine environment.

New Mountain Bike Trails

For a few years Falls Creek has been planning a network of mountain bike trails, both downhill and cross country. Last summer saw construction work on Stage 2 of the project. This summer those trails will open and hopefully Stage 3 construction will begin.

FCRM have put out a call for Expressions of Interest for running a bike hire.

Click the map to see a larger version.

Stage 2 has purpose-built cross country trails near Wombats Ramble and the nordic bowl, and a downhill trail near International. Stage 1 is the village aqueduct trail that opened a couple of years ago. As well as an easy family ride, it will provide the trunk connecting the other trails.

There is also talk of an eventual Stage 5 Falls Creek to Mt Beauty trail.

Of course there are already fire trails and aqueduct trails around the high plains for those who enjoy that style of riding.

The moutain bike trails hould bring a fantastic new dimension to summer at Falls Creek

29 September 2013

Committee Weekend

The committee holds its September meeting at the lodge. This allows our Manager to report on the season and make suggestions for the future, and allows the committee to inspect the lodge and consider future maintenance and improvements. If we are lucky we even get out for a few runs.

Robert Lake has stepped down from the committee and the September meeting saw Garry Hayes join us to take up the role of membership officer. Thanks to Robert for his contributions, especially in shaking up our marketing and processes.

Normally the manager cooks Saturday dinner for the committee but this year we turned things on their head and the committee cooked for the managers. Apologies to the other guests for the havoc as the committee descended on the kitchen to cook a 3 course meal as a team.

More pics

05 September 2013

clean sweep by AAC Falls Creek

AAC Falls Creek played host on Saturday 31/8/13 to teams from Anton, Dinner Plain and Niseko. On a fine (and unseasonally warm) Saturday morning, 4 clubs battled it out on the Nastar course.

The home team made a clean sweep with the youngsters starting to make their presence felt.

The races concluded with presentations and a lovely dinner prepared by Andrew and Myra.

Results were as follows:

Open Category

1st - Falls Creek Team A
Ross B
Mel C
Emma P
Gerrard G
Combined time 118.47 secs

2nd - Falls Creek Team B
John C
William C
James C
Carla B
Combined time 130.39 secs

3rd - Anton
Adam R
Jason R
Robert T
Trish M
Combined time 130.9 secs

Masters Category

1st - Falls Creek
John C
Malcolm M
Nigel C
Marj P
Combined time 132.82 secs

2nd - Anton
Russel M
Robert T
Trish M
Combined time 136.8 secs

Congratulations to all our racers. Thanks to Nigel, Emma and Marg for the report and photos

02 September 2013

Thinking about Niseko?

We received a note from AAC Niseko. It's almost time to throw bookings open to the general public, so if you are thinking about staying next northern winter, it's time to contact the club.

Dear Members,

The bookings for Niseko Accommodation have taken off and the AAC Lodge is filling.
I now have non AAC members emailing regarding bed availabilities and I think that it is important that I let you know that I am about to open the lodge bookings to the public.
Please let me know if you are thinking of coming as I am happy to put your name on a bed. Should I then have other parties interested in that time, you will be notified and given first preference.
Please feel free to tell you friends about the bed availability and get them to visit our new website http://www.nisekoclub.com.au/.
If they would like any information then email nisekoclub@optusnet.com.au.

Kind regards,

Sarah Gregson
Ph: 0403 236 616