30 June 2012

the season is in full swing

the lodge is full

summit is running

it's snowing again

we've got some great pics in the 2012 photo album

...and it's not even July yet

23 June 2012

a great little video montage to get you salivating

The lift company put this little piece together to show how great the mountain is looking after our June snowfall.

21 June 2012

more snow -> more lifts

It's been snowing  and the lift comapny have announced that Drovers will run from Friday lunchtime.
Eagle & Gully will run from Saturday. That probably means skiing home on Broadway, but they haven't actually said that yet.

And there's more snow and snowmaking conditions forecast over the next few days.

13 June 2012

what a great way to start the season

Hughie turned on some snow, the lift co made a bit more, the sun came out and we had a beautiful new lodge full of fun people to celebrate with.

Towers was running, with good skiing on Main Street, Highway 83, NASTAR and under the chair. Wombats had good cover all the way to the bottom too - fantastic conditions for opening weekend. Most people got out for a few turns at some stage over the weekend.

This year though the highlight was the function to mark the completion of the lodge  redevelopment and the granting of a 50 year lease.

Some frocked up, others took a more light-hearted approach

We watched the fireworks in the bowl from the comfort of the lodge or balcony.

Then to the formal part of the evening with Noel giving a short speech acknowledging the huge achievement and the vital contributions of many, especially Nigel.

Andrew & Myra produced a wonderful 3 course dinner, Kristo & Briony served us with style and the wine flowed freely all night.

Fiona and Annie put on a marvellous trivia quizz with questions from every imaginable field. Hayley's Heroes (Ian, John, Will, Hayley & Marjalyn) put up a fight but the Half Arse team (David, Alan, Bron, Garry, Mark Helen, Jenny & Brian) triumphed.

Thanks every one for a fabulous night

lots more pics

12 June 2012

our new chairman

Nigel Cowie & Noel Poon at the lodge reopening ceremony
Noel Poon had previously advised his intention not to stand again as chairman.

At the committee meeting on 30th May, Nigel Cowie was elected unopposed as our new chairman.

Other roles (all elected unopposed) are
  • Treasurer: David Stogdale
  • Secretary: Noel Poon
  • Lodge Supervisor: Justin Checcucci
  • Bookings Officer: Alan Long
  • Membership and Marketing Officer: Robert Lake
  • Communications Officer: Jenny Hughes

11 June 2012

membership drive

The capital raising  for the redevelopment project has prompted some of our less active members to reconsider their membership. A number of members have decided to sell their debentures. While we are sad to see members leave, a steady injection of new active members is good for the club.

The committee is considering ways to attract new members. A few initiatives are already in place:
  • colour advertising all season in This Week in Falls Creek
  • colour brochures have been produced and are being placed at the lodge and other appropriate outlets in Falls Creek
  • an open house session was held at the lodge on Sunday 10th June
  • an article on the club was published in the opening weekend edition of This Week in Falls Creek(p19)
  • the website is being modified to be more relevant to prospective members
  • bonus for members who introduce new members (If someone you introduce becomes a member by December 2012, you will receive a voucher for the equivalent of one week's accommodation at Adult Member high season rate. )