10 September 2012


is our chairman checking out the prospects for a new AAC project or just pining for the great conditions he left behind at Falls Creek?

06 September 2012

this season just keeps on keeping on

After about a foot of new snow late last week the sun came out on Sunday and Monday.

The main international runs were in excellent condition.

The summit was fantastic and everywhere over the back was perfect.

There's another 10-20cm forecast for tomorrow and another top up late next week.
Looking straight down Short & Curly with the lodge in centre background

There's only a few weeks left till the lifts stop turning for 2012 - make the most of this great season.


The annual Kangaroo Hoppet XC marathon race was held again on Saturday 25th August. While the Russians and other international elite athletes were battling it out with the top Aussies in the main race, Ron & John were once again competing in the 7km Joey event.

John has had such a stranglehold on the over 80 years class that they've abolished that and the 75-80 class. Now he has to compete against hearty young lads like Ron in the over 70 class.

The weather was pretty rugged but they finished in great shape.