30 June 2016

Wombats Rambler - team night race

Heats Sun 17 July & Mon 18 July
Final Fri 22 July

This event was held for the first time last year and provided a fun challenge for some AAC Falls Creek members.
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It's a fun race down Wombat's Ramble, under lights.

If you are coming up that week, why not get a team together?

29 June 2016

Transport Changes

First the good news: ATS (aka oversnow) price will be reduced by 20%.

Now the other bits.
  1. From 23 June to 12 September, the village will be closed to guest vehicles whether or not there is snow on the road. No driving to the lodge during this period - it's ATS or walk.
  2. Pedestrian access near ATS has been redesigned to give better separation between people and reversing oversnow vehicles. The boom gate across Falls Creek Rd will block access to pedestrians as well as cars. New steps on the opposite side to ATS will get pedestrians safely onto Falls Creek Rd. The will be a loading area near the steps for those that don't want to use ATS.
  3. The loading area at the bottom of Slalom St will be expanded further up Slalom St. There will also be barriers to divert people skiing down from the lodges in that area.

28 June 2016

Orry's Trail realignment

Orry's Trail is the home trail from the tanks to Schuss St. We don't use to get back to AAC but it's a good way of getting to other parts of the village.

It is a bit steep for beginners and it gets patchy. This year the trail is being realigned to make an easier trail that holds snow better. It will cross the aqueduct higher up and then run between Cedarwood and Sun Valley.

This hasn't actually been implemented yet.

27 June 2016


The AGM went smoothly. The committee was expanded to 8 positions. All past committee members were re-elected plus Tony Ryder.

The June committee meeting elects the office bearers. These are unchanged from the previous year.
President: Nigel Cowie
Secretary: Bronwyn Sigmund
Treasurer: Michal Szkilnik

Lodge Supervisor: Justin Checcucci
Booking Officer: Alan Long
Membership & Marketing: Garry Hayes
Communications & IT: Jenny Hughes

Tony Ryder will have a chance to learn the ropes before being assigned a role.

26 June 2016

Census Day Tue 9 August

The Census is taken every 5 years. This year it is on Tue 9 August.

If you are Falls Creek that night, you must fill out the census that day. You can do it online or use forms.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is encouraging people to do it online. Resort Management are negotiating with Telstra to get increased internet capacity to cope with this.