13 June 2011

season 2011 off to a flying start

Skiing on opening weekend! Thanks to snowfalls and good snowmaking conditions in the week before Queen's Birthday weekend, Main Street and Wombats ramble were open for an early season ski. The snowmakers did a great job getting these runs in great condition with only limited help from mother nature.
The lodge was full for the weekend, and members and guests celebrated the 50th anniversary of the opening of AAC's (or the Ski Tourers’ Association as it then called) first lodge at Lake Albina. 
Boys in black:Jim, Rob, Paul K, Cam, Ian
19 kids & 11 adults
girls kicking up: Anna & Fiona

If you have pictures to share throughout the season, please email them to aacfallscreek(at)gmail.com . (Prefer jpg files  approx 640 pixels wide, but can cope with most things)

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